Iranian Special Learning Disabilities Association

The Iranian Specific Learning Disorders Association is an NGO comprised of professors, scholars, experts, and others who care about learning disorders and differences.

This association was formed as a result of years of experience in education and research on specific learning disorders at the Educational Psychology Department of Alzahra University, especially following a 2017 thesis entitled “An Investigation of the Challenges and Limitations Faced by Iranian Students with Specific Learning Disabilities in Entering Universities” performed by an eager and persistent student. The findings of this research and similar studies indicate the neglect and lack of awareness of families and those in charge regarding the challenges and problems facing students with SLDs; a problem which is highlighted when these students lose the limited support they used to receive at the end of their primary education.

Although this association was established almost 100 years after similar associations in the US and other developed countries, it strives to bridge the wide theoretical and practical gap.

The goal is to raise awareness about different types of SLDs and the associated problems, as well as send a message to the public and those in charge to create a community more compatible with this group’s unique needs and differences.

Translated by Dr. Shirin Mohamadzadeh